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Golden Rice

We provide nutrient-rich Golden Rice that contains antioxidants, iron chelating and anti cholesterol properties. They are one of the best ways of treating diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. In addition, it is also used for preventing stomach and colon cancer. It is also highly useful in preventing heart and blood vessel diseases. We provide 99.9% pure and high-quality varieties of Golden Rice in natural form without any adulteration, dust or dirt for offering the best to the consumers. They are safe and easy to digest varieties of rice provided after cleaning to offer the best without any impurities.

1401 Golden Rice

100% natural, pure and fresh 1401 Golden Rice is provided in huge quantities at affordable prices. This is available with rich nutritional values and aroma without any impurities. Long, high-quality and matured grains of this variety of rice ensures to enhance the taste of every delicacy. It is provided without any broken grains, cuts and black spots to provide the best to the market. It is available in high-quality packaging materials in varied quantities to keep the freshness, aroma and taste intact.

Pusa Golden Rice

We provide pure, natural and fresh Pusa Golden Rice for making healthy cuisines. It comes with long grains that take less time for cooking. This aromatic and healthy variety of rice is rich in fiber, proteins and other nutrients. It is available without any adulteration in premium packaging materials to keep the shelf-life long. Its natural aroma and texture fills the ambience with pleasant aroma to make everyone fall in love with it.

Sugandha Golden Rice

PR-11 Golden Rice

1121 Golden Rice

Sharbati Golden Rice

1509 Golden Rice