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Raw Rice

We provide a vast variety of Raw Rice such as basmati, 1121, white raw rice, etc. We provide completely natural, pure and trans-fat free rice in natural and steam varieties. They are available with distinctive flavour and taste that make them ideal to be used for preparing lemon rice, pulao, biryani, etc. They are available in natural and soft texture ideal to add delectable taste to the delicacies. With pleasant aroma, they also enhance the qualities of the delicacies. These varieties of Raw Rice not only add the flavor, but also enhance health to the dishes. They are matured grains rich in protein and other nutrients ideal for meeting the dietary needs of the consumers.

Basmati Raw Rice

We provide natural and fresh Basmati Raw Rice that is cultivated using advanced methods to provide maximum health benefits to the clients. This is the perfect blend of taste and aroma that provides the best option to make biryani, pulao and other rice delicacies. It is properly processed and cleaned before offering to the customers to provide healthy and safe to consume rice variety. It is free from any pesticides, chemicals, etc. In addition, this variety of Basmati Raw Rice is hygienically packed to ensure zero external contaminants.

1121 Raw Rice

This variety of 1121 Raw Rice comes with high nutritive values for meeting the daily dietary needs of the consumers. It is rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients ensuring to provide the best to the consumers. This is a healthy, aromatic and natural variety of rice ensuring to make delectable pulao, biryani and other dishes. Its matured and long grains become fluffy as well as soft after cooking that ensure to melt in the mouth instantly.

White Raw Rice