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Steam Rice

We provide a huge variety of Steam Rice without gluten and cholesterol. Every single grain of this variety of rice such as 1121, 1509, sugandha, PR 11, Pusa, 1401, etc. The rich taste with aroma of this variety of rice ensures to fill the mouth with matchless flavors. The perfect blend of taste, aroma and high nutritional values make them fit for daily consumption. Uniform texture and size of the grains of this range of Steam Rice are sure to provide the best to the market. In addition, this variety of Steam Rice is available without any adulteration in moisture-proof packaging materials to retain the nutritional values.

1121 Basmati Steam Rice

We are a profound manufacturer of 1121 Basmati Steam Rice in the market. It is a traditional staple food that is used across the globe. 1121 Basmati Steam Rice is rich in taste and aroma and can be used in preparing any variety of foods like biryani, kheer, pulao, etc.

1509 Steam Rice

This 1509 Steam Rice is available with the richness of aroma, taste and health that make it ideal to cook different cuisines. It is ideal to prepare fried rice, steamed rice, risotto, etc. as its grains are matured and long. This is available in natural form without any adulteration to provide the best to the market. It is available in premium packaging to ensure taste, quality and freshness intact for a long period of time.

Sugandha Steam Rice

1121 Steam Rice

In terms of flavour, length, and aroma, Basmati Rice shows better results after a long storage period. Steaming is performed to maintain the high quality of Basmati rice. As a first step in the process of making steamed rice, the paddy is steamed and then dried. 1121 steam rice has the same flavor, color, and aroma as old rice without requiring storage for months, which is expensive and requires care. It is an ideal choice of rice and is easy to cook, has a delicious aroma, and has an excellent taste.

Pusa Steam Rice

PR-11 Steam Rice

1401 Steam Rice